Haldi Ghati – Maharana Pratap

Haldi Ghati, the famous battle-field where the historical battle between Maharana Pratap and Akbar had taken place in 1576 A.D. and where the loyal Chetak, (the saddle-horse of Maharana Pratap) lost its life in the service of his master is on a motorable distance of 27 miles from Udaipur and 15 miles from Nathdwara.

Regular bus-service also goes to Nathdwara via Haldi Ghati.It thrills a visitor to stand on the yellow soil of this ‘Thermopylae of India’ where every stone tells tacitly the story of innumerable heroic deeds of the sword and shield and carries him into fancy to the realm where freedom raised its sword against slavery and where indomitable will fought against brutal force. It is a cherished desire of every tourist to pilgrim to this place of national pilgrimage.